Position Title
Director of Security

Mr. Voorhees serves as the Director of Security, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and as the Agency’s Federal Senior Intelligence Coordinator (FSIC). He was inducted into the Senior Executive Service (SES) on January 23, 2017, after retiring from the US Army.

Mr. Voorhees leads the Agency’s physical security, counterintelligence and insider threat related programs in Washington, DC and at locations throughout the world. He is responsible for the Agency’s security clearance program, the Agency’s intelligence support program, security training and the counter threat finance vetting program operating at the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Center in Vienna, VA.

Mr. Voorhees serves on the Executive Boards for the US Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), the Overseas Security and Policy Board (OSPB), the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) and represents USAID at National Security Council (NSC) engagements and meetings related to his responsibilities.

At the request of the US Senate Sergeant at Arms, Mr. Voorhees served a five-month detail assignment on Capitol Hill to improve security for the US Senate following January 6, 2021. Mr. Voorhees’ last military assignment was as the Deputy Commander (Chief Operating Officer) for the US Army Criminal Investigation Command (USACIDC). While serving in this position, he maintained oversight of the Defense Forensic Science Center and served on the FBI’s National Joint Terrorism Task Force Executive Board.

Prior to serving as the Deputy Commander of USACIDC, Mr. Voorhees commanded the 701 st Military Police Group (CID), the Army’s Special Investigation and Executive Protection Unit. As the commander, Mr. Voorhees led the Army’s Cyber Crime Unit, the Army’s Procurement Fraud Unit, the Army’s Special Access Program Investigative Unit, the investigative unit supporting the Office of Military Commissions and the DoD Executive Protection Unit.

Earlier in his military career, Mr. Voorhees served as a warden for a military confinement facility, served over four years in the Pentagon on the Army Staff and had overseas assignments in Germany and South Korea. He served three combat tours: in Iraq as part of Operation Desert Storm (1991-1992), in Iraq again as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2004) and in Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom (2010-2011).

Mr. Voorhees was recognized for his leadership during the defense of the Kandahar Police HQs against a complex attack and leading the response to the Sarpoza Prison escape in Kandahar. Mr. Voorhees holds a bachelor’s degree from the US Military Academy and master’s degrees from the University of Louisville’s College of Education, and the National War College at the National Defense University.

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