For Immediate Release

Office of Press Relations


The following is attributable to Spokesperson Rebecca Chalif:

Today, Administrator Samantha Power met with the Central America Donors Roundtable, a group of over 20 philanthropic organizations focused on Central America to discuss efforts to promote, protect, and defend civic space in the region. 

Administrator Power emphasized the critical role that civil society organizations play in improving people's lives in Central America, and expressed the importance of such organizations—including non governmental and community organizations, independent media, private sector associations, faith-based entities, and academic institutions—as an essential building block of democracy and development. 

Participants discussed shared concerns regarding closing civic space in some parts of Central America—particularly El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua—and the need to deepen efforts to respond to this challenge in close collaboration with local leaders and organizations. Participants also discussed the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, where heads of government, civil society organizations, and businesses from throughout the hemisphere will discuss ways to address these and other challenges facing the region.

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