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Statement by Administrator Samantha Power

We strongly condemn today’s vote in the Georgian Parliament in favor of the “foreign influence” legislation, which undermines Georgia’s vibrant civil society and independent media, and will ultimately make it harder for them to continue delivering needed services for the Georgian people. We are deeply concerned about the effects of such legislation on organizations who are doing critical work on the ground to strengthen democratic governance and drive economic growth.

As the European Union has made clear, this law has the potential to derail Georgia’s prospects for further integration into the EU, an effort that garners support from the majority of the Georgian people. And it would directly threaten the longstanding bilateral partnership – a partnership that dates back to the early 1990s throughout which USAID has provided nearly $2 billion in assistance – between the United States and Georgia, built on mutual interest and a shared commitment to democracy. 

The United States calls upon all parties to refrain from any escalatory or violent actions, and for the Government of Georgia to refocus its efforts on initiatives that will respond to the most pressing needs of the Georgian people.

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Samantha Power

Administrator Samantha Power


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