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The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is providing nearly $17 million in additional humanitarian assistance to respond to humanitarian needs following the devastating impact of Cyclone Mocha in Burma, where more than five million people have been affected.

This additional support will address urgent humanitarian needs in cyclone-affected communities in Burma, including emergency shelter, clean water and sanitation, and emergency relief items. This new assistance builds on the initial $200,000 in emergency funds provided immediately following the storm, and will be provided through USAID humanitarian partners working in the affected areas. 

In addition to this immediate assistance, USAID partners in Burma worked in the days leading up to the storm to preposition emergency food, stockpile critical shelter and relief supplies for displaced families, provide support for medical and search and rescue teams, and bolster disaster response teams to support with assessments and response.  

The United States is the leading donor of humanitarian assistance in Burma, providing more than $400 million to trusted humanitarian providers in Burma, since August 2017. We will continue to coordinate closely with our partners on the ground to provide vital assistance to the people affected by the devastating impacts on this storm in the days ahead.  

For the latest updates on USAID’s humanitarian assistance in Burma and Bangladesh, visit here.

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