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The Republic of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Public Education (MPE) is embarking on a complete reform of the education sector. The MPE, which has responsibility for primary and general secondary education, has requested the assistance of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to support and advise those reform efforts. To support the MPE’s efforts toward a more effective and transparent basic education system, USAID is providing a national reading and mathematics survey using the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and Early Grade Math Assessment (EGMA). Collaborative technical assistance to the MPE throughout the survey process will strengthen the capacities of the MPE in instrument development, sample design, survey administration, and data management and use.

For nearly 70 years, USAID has partnered with the Government of Jordan to strengthen the Kingdom’s water security by expanding and rehabilitating water supply systems, training hundreds of water experts, and building and renovating water networks and water and wastewater treatment plants. Today, USAID continues this partnership by improving water and wastewater infrastructure, strengthening water governance, and promoting water conservation so that the people of Jordan have sustainable access to water in order to help build strong, prosperous communities.

Программа «Содействие совершенствованию государственного управления в Туркменистане» направлена на совершенствование учёта и контроля, повышение эффективности и открытости государственных институтов Туркменистана, а также улучшение принципов государственного управления, включая совершенствование нормативно-правовой базы и законодательства страны.

Through the American people’s generosity and the U.S. Government’s action, the United States continues to demonstrate global leadership in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The American people have given more than $10 billion that will benefit the global COVID-19 response, and we continue to ensure that the substantial U.S. funding and scientific efforts on this front remain a central and coordinated part of the worldwide effort against COVID-19.

Программа по поддержке гражданского общества в Центральной Азии -- это пятилетний проект (2019-2024 гг.) с бюджетом 18 миллионов долларов, осуществляемый Фондом Евразия (ФЕ) с целью развития активного и отзывчивого гражданского общества в регионе, включая Казахстан, Таджикистан, Туркменистан и Узбекистан. Программа также нацелена на развитие нового поколения прогрессивных лидеров гражданского общества.

USAIDдин «Жигердүү жарандар» долбоору жергиликтүү маселелерди чечүү үчүн жарандар, жергиликтүү бийлик органдар, бейөкмөт уюмдар жана жеке сектор арасындагы кызматташууга жардам берет.

Jordan has made important progress expanding access to quality water, education, and health services. It boasts a youthful workforce, vibrant local business community, growing civil society, and increasing capacity for good governance. However, unemployment is high, particularly among women and youth, and the rapidly growing population and influx of refugees from regional crises are straining the country’s limited resources, threatening to derail the country’s continued development. The United States has partnered with Jordan to expand basic infrastructure, support good governance, and promote investment and the growth of industries, trade, entrepreneurship, and tourism. Today, USAID remains committed to supporting Jordan’s economic stability, security, and self-reliance by accelerating economic growth, strengthening democratic governance and accountability, and improving essential service delivery to meet the needs of the people of Jordan.

Проект USAID «Жигердуу жарандар» помогает гражданам, местным органам власти, неправительственным организациям и частному сектору сотрудничать для решения проблем местного значения.

Проект USAID «Содействие развитию молодежи для успешного будущего» направлен на подготовку и адаптацию молодежи Туркменистана к современному рынку труда и повышение ее способности вносить вклад в экономику страны. Проект также способствует активному вовлечению молодежи в гражданское общество.

The Addressing WASH Services in Yemen project focuses on the most vulnerable internally displaced persons and host-community households in targeted districts and governorates. The project improves vulnerable populations’ access to adequate water and sanitation systems and increases their awareness and knowledge of hygiene practices. The project also builds the capacities of public and private service providers.


Last updated: August 12, 2020

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