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Corruption continues to be a complex and pervasive challenge in Albania, impeding economic growth and damaging the faith of citizens in government. While the legal framework and inter-agency structures to reduce corruption are in place, including the recently passed judicial reform, implementation remains uneven.

Semua orang berhak mendapatkan kesempatan untuk mencari nafkah bagi diri dan keluarganya. Melalui inisiatif Kunci, Badan Pembangunan Internasional Amerika Serikat (USAID) bermitra dengan Pemerintah Indonesia dan sektor swasta membekali 200.000 anak muda berpenghasilan rendah dan rentan berusia antara 18-34 tahun dengan keterampilan dan sumber daya agar kompetitif di pasar kerja Indonesia. Dengan dukungan dari inisiatif Kunci, lebih banyak anak muda dari lima provinsi dapat mencapai potensi penuhnya dan berkontribusi terhadap ekonomi Indonesia.

All people deserve the opportunity to earn an income to support themselves and their families. Through the Kunci initiative, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) partners with the Government of Indonesia and the private sector to equip 200,000 poor and vulnerable youth aged 18-34 with the skills and resources needed to compete in Indonesia’s job market. With support from Kunci, more young people from five provinces will be able to reach their full potential and contribute to Indonesia’s economy. 

IntoAlbania will develop an advanced digital platform - IntoAlbania.com - which combined with a smartphone application, promises to become the largest digital marketplace for tourists and local visitors.


Projekat vladavine prava je četvorogodišnji projekat vredan 9,8 miliona dolara, koji podržava reforme u pravosuđu koje omogućavaju blagovremenu pravdu za građane Srbije. Projekat sarađuje sa sudovima, javnim izvršiteljima i državnim pravobranilaštvom kako bi unapredio efikasnost pravosuđa, transparentnost i pristup pravdi.  


The Syrian Arab Republic Government (SARG) regained control of southwestern Syria in late July following a military offensive against armed opposition groups (AOGs) and militant groups in the region. Military operations continued to kill civilians and resulted in additional displacement throughout July, and up to 184,000 people remained displaced in southwestern Syria as of August 1, the UN reports. Humanitarian organizations also report limited access to vulnerable populations in the region following the offensive.

The Women, Peace and Security Act of 2017 recognizes that the inclusion of women in efforts to maintain global peace and security makes such efforts more effective. As such, the United States is committed to increasing women’s meaningful participation in peacekeeping and security operations. As a result, USAID is partnering with the Department of Defense through the U.S. European Command on a project to build community resiliency and sustainability in Albania through activities that will contribute to the prevention of social exclusion, violent extremism, radicalization, marginalization, recruitment and conflict.

Піклування та лікування дозволяють контролювати раніше смертельну хворобу 

«Я не знав, як реагувати, що робити, як сказати батькам… Тоді я не знав, що сьогодні ВІЛ лікується, і взагалі нічого не знав про цю хворобу» 

Серпень 2018 р.— Коли 25-річний Олександр* дізнався про те, що є ВІЛ-інфікованим, його охопив розпач. Першими його емоціями були шок та нерозуміння, і одразу виникло безліч запитань, перш за все «Що робити?» та «Як сказати батькам?»

Care and treatment control once-fatal disease

“I didn’t know how to react, what to do, how to tell my parents.... After all, I didn’t know that HIV is now treated. As a matter of fact, I knew nothing about HIV at all.”

August 2018 — When 25-year-old Oleksandr* learned that he was HIV-positive, he fell into despair. Shock, confusion and so many questions: “What do I do?” and “How do I tell my parents?” were his first concerns.


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