The USAID Scaling Up Nutrition Technical Assistance activity works to ensure that more of Zambia’s children grow up healthy, strong, and capable. Malnutrition and stunting impair growth and development in children as a result of poor nutrition, repeated infection, and inadequate psychosocial stimulation. Stunting affects 35 percent of Zambian children under the age of five. Stunting causes poor cognition and educational performance along with other harmful, lifelong effects. Zambia is a member of the global Scaling Up Nutrition network that seeks to end malnutrition. 

A partner project, the USAID Scaling Up Nutrition Learning and Evaluation activity, works with all stakeholders to measure progress in improving nutrition and conduct special studies to inform best practices.

  • Life of Project: February 2019 - February 2026
  • Geographic Focus: Central, Copperbelt, Northern, and Luapula Provinces
  • Partner: DAI Global, LLC.
  • Chief of Party: Karen Doll
  • Total USAID Funding: $71.7 million
  • USAID Contact: Helen Khunga Chirwa -



goal one 

Adequate quantity and quality of diet among target groups by providing coordinated and impactful nutrition programs at the household level.

goal two 

Adequate health conditions for utilization of nutrients, thereby reducing stunting by two percent per year in select districts across Zambia.


  • Supported over 1,560,000 individuals with food security programs.
  • Members of community savings and loan groups had access to almost double the finance from the previous year, with cumulative savings of almost $2,030,000.
  • Supported access to approximately $551,100 in agriculture-related financing.
  • Private sector partner Good Nature Agro supported agro-input loans to almost 12,500 soybean farmers.
  • Program participants grew 1.12 metric tons of soybeans.
  • Over 57,300 children under two years old received nutrition support.
  • Over 188,100 persons received family planning services, and were given a choice of family planning methods.
  • Provided over 118,700 people across the 13 districts with clean and safe drinking water.
  • Delivered 130 rehabilitated wells and 109 new wells to communities.
  • Approximately 1,488,100 people saw greater access to basic hygiene (handwashing facility on premises with soap and water) helping to prevent diarrheal diseases - a leading cause of stunting in Zambia.