Sharing borders with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and the People's Republic of China, the Kyrgyz Republic is situated at a vital crossroad of Central Asia. To support the country's long-term stability and prosperity, the United States focuses on further strengthening the country's democratic gains while promoting economic progress, a healthy population, valued public services, and stronger ties across the region.  

USAID aims to strengthen the Kyrgyz Republic’s capacity to lead its own development and become a strong, resilient partner. Fostering regional stability, prosperity, and human capital development, USAID leverages strategic partnerships that boost connectivity between the Kyrgyz Republic and other Central Asian countries.

Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

To counter democratic backsliding and the foreign influences that threaten the Kyrgyz Republic’s stability and progress, USAID works with the Kyrgyz Government to strengthen democratic values and promote the rule of law. Owing in part to USAID’s steadfast support of independent media, the Kyrgyz Republic has the highest level of media freedom in Central Asia, according to Reporters Without Borders. USAID also helps strengthen communities at risk of radicalization and recruitment by armed groups by focusing on youth opportunities, disadvantaged regions and marginalized populations.

Economic Growth and Trade

USAID supports the Kyrgyz Government’s commitment to accelerate inclusive economic growth and address the economic consequences of the war in Ukraine. USAID partners with the public and private sectors to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of Kyrgyzstanis by expanding business opportunities, boosting competitiveness and increasing incomes for smallholder farmers. For example, in the last four years USAID helped to generate more than 18,000 permanent and seasonal jobs by supporting local businesses.

Health and Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of a strong and resilient health care system for the economic development of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Kyrgyz Republic is home to the world’s highest rate of new drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) cases. To combat the spread of this deadly disease, USAID aims to improve the quality of care, detection, diagnosis and TB treatments with a focus on high-risk populations. Thanks in part to new TB treatments introduced by USAID in 2017, treatment times have been reduced by half. USAID also supports efforts to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS among key populations and promote improved health and nutrition for mothers and young children in vulnerable regions of the country. To build a healthy and strong future workforce, USAID continues to strengthen reading and math skills of children in all regions of the country.

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