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October 15, 2015

New Markets will Increase Demand for Livestock Goods and Services, and Boost Economic Growth

October 13, 2015
YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa Focuses on Empowering Youth Leaders in East and Central Africa
October 9, 2015


For Immediate Release

6th African Grain Trade Summit

Towards creating an enabling environment for grain trade in Africa

October 9, 2015

Youth in Kenya can receive health services like HIV testing and counseling and reproductive health care. 

“I had not dealt with the youth before, so when APHIAplus Kamili assigned me to Embu Youth-Friendly Service Center for benchmarking, I got to learn so much about the needs of the youth,” said Bernadette Mbaka, a nurse.

October 9, 2015

Community Health Volunteers Create the Vital Link Between the Community and Service Providers in the Fight Against Malaria


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