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February 12, 2016
* The names of mother and son have been changed to protect identities.
Aisha Mohammed’s son, Khamis, received a scholarship to Saudi Arabia to become an Islamic teacher, or so he said. But, after three months, Aisha had not received a phone call from him. When she finally reached him, the call did not go as she had expected. Her son sounded uneasy and not happy to hear from her. 
“He warned me against calling him; he said it was not safe for him to talk to me, and if need be, he would reach out to me,” Aisha said.
February 12, 2016
The fate of the world’s endangered wildlife brought a senior U.S. official to Kenya last month, on President Obama’s orders. The goal of the trip was to examine up-close what strategies are working to combat the illegal wildlife trade, and how the U.S. and Kenya can do more together to end poaching.
February 12, 2016

A new program helps East Africa mitigate outbreaks

February 12, 2016
Florence is a Kenyan woman in her 20s, who, until today, separated maize from the cob with her bare hands.  She tried to convince her employer to invest in a machine that could shell more maize in less time, and increase profits. Her boss was unconvinced, and, instead, fired her for spending time on the telephone, gathering information about the machine.
February 12, 2016

Workforce development project set to expand impressive results


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