USAID is providing humanitarian aid to more than 5 million Syrians each month. Photo credit: Zein Al Rifa, AFP

Key Developments

The UN Security Council adopted Resolution 2672 on January 9, renewing UN authorization to provide cross-border humanitarian assistance into northwest Syria for six months.

The number of Syrians in need of humanitarian assistance has risen to 15.3 million in 2023, a 5 percent increase from 2022, according to the UN.

The UN provided humanitarian assistance through a cross-line convoy from Aleppo to Idlib on January 8.


The Syrian conflict is the largest and most complex humanitarian crisis of our time, driving record levels of displacement and humanitarian need. Approximately 75% of the current population—or 14.6 million people—are in need of humanitarian aid. The emergence of ISIS exacerbated the protracted crisis, where the Assad regime has waged an unrelenting campaign of bloodshed and violence against its own people for eleven years.

The United States is the leading donor of humanitarian assistance for Syria, providing nearly $16 billion throughout Syria and the region since the start of the crisis. USAID assistance alone is reaching more than 6.6 million people per month inside Syria.

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