Localization fact sheet

USAID seeks to support Guatemalans in building a society where local actors are empowered and possess the resources and capacity they need to design and lead efforts to improve their own communities and tackle priority development challenges.

USAID/Guatemala launched its localization framework in December 2021 to advance the Centroamerica Local initiative. The three goals are:

  • Expand and diversify engagement with locally-led organizations.
  • Strengthen the organizational capacity of local organizations.
  • Advance local leadership ensuring local actors are at the forefront in establishing and advancing Guatemala’s development agenda in areas of mutual interest and shared values with USAID.


Through this initiative, USAID is expanding and deepening our partnerships with local organizations in the region, removing institutional barriers to make it easier for USAID to partner with local organizations.

USAID/Guatemala’s Localization Framework was developed through a collaborative, iterative process, and based on evidence and lessons learned from previous and ongoing strategies and programs.

Of the Mission’s current bilateral awards, 80% involve some aspect of local leadership, including direct awards, transition awards, sub-grant programs or grants under contract, and local organizational strengthening.

Locally-led development that empowers and supports local actors in their work to address their development challenges is vital to long-term, sustainable development —and underlies how USAID is changing the way we will engage with local organizations, communities, and leaders.

Learn about opportunities to become involved in USAID activities, including planning sessions, enroll as an activity participant, volunteer and intern with existing programs, or even join as a sub-grantee.