Health Systems Strengthening

  • Learn how one midwife in Mali extends her training beyond the health facility to improve the quality of health services for her community.

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  • Routine from the Start: Learn how Jordan's health system paves the way for its successful vaccination program.

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  • USAID's Inclusive Health Access Prize will recognize local organizations that bring the public and private sectors together to increase access to health care.

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  • Learn how Indonesian civil society and faith-based organizations build bridges between communities and their health system.

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  • Learn how USAID examines the health system to mitigate antimicrobial resistance.

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  • In Indonesia, USAID helps get safe medicines to the people who need them with diagnostics, rigorous procedures and compassionate community volunteers.

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  • Primary health care is the first step to building strong families, stable communities, and productive nations.

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  • What is Health Systems Strengthening?

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USAID programs have supported health systems strengthening (HSS) for decades with critical resources, technical expertise and global leadership to sustain gains in global health.

Our aim is to help countries, their people and institutions, improve health outcomes over the long term. We do this by providing technical assistance to help countries identify and take ownership for investments in their health systems. In partnership with the public and private sectors, we seek to ensure affordability, quality and delivery of health services in an equitable and sustainable manner, ultimately protecting people against unforeseen shocks.

These actions help USAID reach our three priority global health goals of Preventing Child and Maternal Deaths, Controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and Combating Infectious Disease, which directly contributes to the Global Health Security Agenda.

Learn more about how we apply a systems-thinking approach to improve health systems outcomes in support of more sustainable and robust overall health results in these areas:

Building an Evidence Base

Changing Health Seeking Behavior

Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

Enabling a Health Workforce

Fostering Country Ownership

Improving Quality of Health Services

Health Finance and Mobilizing Domestic Resources

Promoting Resilience

Strengthening Community Health Systems

Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems


Learn more about our health systems strengthening work: 


Last updated: August 20, 2019

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