Immunization in Haiti
At a USAID-supported maternal and child health clinic at La Fossette, one of the largest in Cap-Haitian, patients arrive for regular check-ups as well as vaccinations.
Photo Credit: Karen Kasmauski/MCSP and Jhpiego

Immunization yields up to a 44-fold return on investment and can avoid an estimated 2 to 3 million child deaths each year.

In USAID priority countries, children reached with the third dose of DPT, an indicator often used to measure the strength of the routine immunization system, increased from 71 percent in 2008 to 80 percent in 2017. This estimate, however, masks deep inequities in coverage, both between and within countries. Each year 18.7 million infants worldwide—including 12.2 million infants in USAID's priority countries—are not reached with basic vaccinations. USAID’s immunization efforts build strong routine immunization systems and extend equitable access to life-saving vaccines for all children, regardless of where they are born.

USAID's Response

  • Routine Immunization Systems Strengthening. USAID supports countries’ development of sound immunization policy, strategies and guidelines to ensure greater country ownership of routine immunization programs. Our investments in routine immunization support country and global investments in the vaccines themselves and help ensure the vaccines stay viable, arrive at the locations where they are needed, and are administered to those who need them.
  • Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Since 2001, USAID has supported the accelerated introduction of new and underutilized vaccines in 73 Gavi-eligible countries. Our work brings the public and private sectors together to support equal access to new and underutilized vaccines for children living in the world's poorest countries. With support from USAID and others, Gavi has vaccinated more than 690 million children through routine programs, 760 million people through campaigns and saved more than 10 million lives.
  • Support for Global Polio Eradication. USAID has been a key player in polio eradication activities since the beginning of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI). Our approach emphasizes engagement with local and international non-governmental organizations, with a particular focus on hard-to-reach populations, surveillance and outbreak response, communication, social mobilization, and supplementary immunization activities



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Last updated: June 03, 2019

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