Human Resources for Health (HRH)

HIV and gender-based violence (GBV) are syndemic. HIV epidemic control cannot be achieved without addressing gender inequality and GBV.

A strong health workforce composed of both facility- and community- based workers plays a critical role in providing HIV and post-violence clinical care services for GBV survivors and other at-risk populations.

Women constitute 70% of global health and care workers and face increased risks of violence in the workplace.

In 2020 and 2021, USAID funded the MENA Rosa network through the LINKAGES project to support female peer outreach workers who educate other women about HIV prevention and care. To help mitigate risk of violence, the MENA Rosa network:

  • Developed a guideline for women peer outreach workers on preventing and responding to security issues (physical, psycho-social, and digital).
  • Signed memorandums of understanding between MENA Rosa and local organizations to strengthen and institutionalize the collaboration.
  • Created identification cards for workers to increase their credibility as recognized members and protect them during their outreach activities.