Principles of voluntarism and informed choice guide USAID’s family planning program. These principles are articulated in program guidelines and a number of legislative and policy requirements that govern the use of U.S. family planning assistance.

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Voluntarism and Informed Choice
USAID is committed to ensuring that women and couples in developing countries have access to voluntary family planning services and fertility awareness and are free to make informed decisions about their reproductive lives.
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Restrictions on Support for Abortions
U.S. foreign assistance funds are subject to several legislative restrictions relating to abortions.

USAID takes these requirements very seriously and works with Missions and partners to ensure compliance with these requirements in their programs.

USAID’s foreign assistance is subject to certain restrictions on the use of funds, which are implemented through standard provisions inserted in all grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts. The current standard provisions for Voluntary Population Planning Activities, including both mandatory and supplemental requirements, for cooperative agreements and grants are available in the USAID Automated Directives System (ADS) Chapter 303. The current standard provisions that apply to contracts are found in Acquisition & Assistance Policy Directive 08-01.

For Assistance Awards (Cooperative Agreements and Grants):

For Contracts:


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Principles & Policy Requirements

Restrictions on Support for Abortions

Voluntarism and Informed Choice