USAID’s Global Food Security Response

Due to COVID-19 and climate change, the world was already experiencing some of the worst levels of food insecurity in modern history. Now, with Putin’s unjustified attack on Ukraine causing reverberating impacts on global food, fuel, and fertilizer supplies, the world is facing a colossal hunger crisis. USAID is responding to the growing emergency by addressing immediate supply disruptions to fulfill humanitarian needs, and through the U.S. government’s Feed the Future initiative, investing in medium and long-term efforts to increase investments in agricultural capacity and resilience, mitigate the global fertilizer shortage, and work with partners across the world to support the most vulnerable affected communities.

Watch USAID Administrator Power on tackling urgent challenges facing women in food and water systems

Watch USAID Administrator Power on Feeding the World We Face Now


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The Black Sea Grain Initiative


In July, the UN helped broker a lifesaving deal between Ukraine, Turkey and Russia that enabled Ukraine to resume shipping millions of tons of desperately needed grain exports through the international waters of the Black Sea.

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