In July, the UN helped broker a lifesaving deal between Ukraine, Turkey and Russia that enabled Ukraine to resume shipping millions of tons of desperately needed grain exports through the international waters of the Black Sea. The deal unlocked millions of tons of desperately-needed grain and other foods that would otherwise be stuck in Ukraine. The Black Sea Grain Initiative helps people in need across the globe by directly delivering desperately-needed grains to lower-income countries and bringing down food prices. The Black Sea Grain Initiative could be forced to expire in late November if Putin refuses to renew it.

  • Since the first ship went out on August 1:
  • Over 380 ships have departed to some 37 countries, transporting over 8.6 million tons of cargo carrying life-saving food exports from Ukraine ports.
  • More than 2 million metric tons of food have been exported directly to countries most vulnerable to severe hunger, like Kenya, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Somalia.
  • Over 1 million metric tons of wheat have been shipped from Ukraine to low and lower-middle income countries through the Black Sea Grain Initiative. That is the equivalent of nearly 3 billion loaves of bread.
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