USAID partners with organizations through an acquisition (contract) or assistance (grant or cooperative agreement) award, depending on the type of work, the purpose of the funding, and the nature of the relationship between the Agency and the implementing partner. 

Awards for either acquisition or assistance awards typically include indicators and results, budget, and other terms and conditions applicable to the work performed under the award. 

We expect our development partners to achieve high performance and partner with us to provide sustainable development solutions to beneficiaries in the countries we work in around the world.

See Our Process diagram for a comprehensive overview of the main steps in USAID's Acquisition & Assistance award process.

Resources on how you can work with USAID:

  • View training on How to Work With USAID
  • will empower organizations with the knowledge and networks to navigate how to work with USAID. We strongly encourage you to register your organization in the Partner Directory, which will allow your organization to create a profile and connect with others in the development community to more easily forge prime and/or sub-partnerships in acquisition and assistance. Being part of this Partner Directory will also help increase your visibility and capabilities among USAID Missions.


    Click here to see a list of USAID implementing partners


    A young man from Kefeta, one of USAID's implementing partners, talks to students in a classroom in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.
    Kefeta, one of USAID's implementing partners, empowers youth across Ethiopia.
    Training How to Work with USAID