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Feed the Future

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Feed the Future programs teach families how to harvest their own produce at home to help end their dependency on the safety net programs.

In 2019, the the United States and the Government of Ethiopia jointly signed a declaration of partnership to renew the Feed the Future initiative in Ethiopia to invest in food security, build resilience, and accelerate economic growth opportunities over the next five years. Ethiopia is one of 12 partner countries chosen to participate in this new phase of the Feed the Future initiative. Feed the Future supports the country’s goal of modernizing agriculture under the New Horizon of Hope agenda, aligns with the Growth and Transformation Plan II, National Food and Nutrition Policy, and other national-level development strategies, and contributes to Ethiopia’s vision of becoming a prosperous, middle-income country by 2025..

The new five-year Feed the Future strategy in Ethiopia focuses on three core components: 

Support inclusive and sustainable agriculture-led economic growth by:

  • Increasing crop and livestock productivity and diversification
  • Improving the business enabling environment
  • Increasing alternative livelihood pathways, including employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, especially for youth and women
  • Expanding access to markets with increased urban opportunities

Strengthen resilience among people and institutions by:

  • Improving natural resource management
  • Strengthening the systems needed to avert, mitigate, and recover from shocks and stresses

Improve nutrition, especially among women and children by:

  • Incorporating a multi-sectoral approach that addresses the immediate and underlying causes of acute and chronic malnutrition through both nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive approaches


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Last updated: October 19, 2020

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