Engendering Industries Program Results

USAID’s Engendering Industries partners have implemented nearly 450 actions and interventions to increase gender equality in their organizations, and report tangible improvements in business performance as a result.

USAID’s Engendering Industries program supports 41 organizations across 27 countries to increase gender equality in male-dominated industries, including the energy and water sectors. Using the program’s Best Practices Framework for Male-Dominated Industries, the program provides partners with the tools and resources they need to implement gender equality interventions across the employee life cycle. This is coupled with demand-driven change management coaching by the program’s equality experts, and participation in the Gender Equity Executive Leadership Program (GEELP), a 12-month course developed and delivered in partnership with Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.

Project Impact by the Numbers (2017–2022)

Gender Equality and Business Performance

  • 84% of partners now promoting womenat the same or higher rate as men
  • 4,800 women hired by partner organizations
  • 3,900 women promotedinto leadership and technical positions
  • 3,600 young women and girls enrolled in internships and trainee programs
  • 80% of partners reported improved business performance
  • 11 partners explicitly linked increased gender equality to decreased revenue loss
  • 19 partners reported an increase in employee retention, attributable to gender equality
  • 15 partners attributed improvements in image and reputation to gender equality initiatives
  • 803 gender equality activities implemented by partners across the employee life cycle
  • 65 policies related to gender equality created or enhanced at partner organizations
  • 5,600 women reached through outreach and recruitment events
  • $2.48Mof direct and in-kind fundingfrom utilities to implement gender equality initiatives

About Engendering Industries

Launched in 2015, USAID’s Engendering Industries program supports organizations in developing countries to increase economic opportunities for women and improve gender equality in the workplace. Expanding women’s participation in male-dominated sectors leads to tangible economic empowerment outcomes for women, such as formal employment opportunities and higher income. Increased gender equality also improves an organization’s business performance, helping companies meet their bottom-line by enhancing employee satisfaction, reducing turnover, and driving productivity. Well-functioning organizations are also vital in supporting stronger and more resilient economies. Through a customized best practices framework, demand-driven coaching, and a Gender Equity Executive Leadership Program, Engendering Industries builds the capacity of leaders to implement gender equality interventions that increase the professional participation of women and improve business performance.