Colombia's Clean Energy Future

Scaling Up Renewable Energy (SURE)

Colombia –

USAID is helping Colombia diversify its energy mix with renewable energy while making its grid more resilient to climate change, lowering electricity costs, creating local jobs, and promoting gender equality in the energy sector.

Supporting a Just Energy Transition in Guajira

USAID supports the Government of Colombia to deliver cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable electricity to homes and businesses, while creating social and economic opportunities for Indigenous Communities.

Colombia has one of the largest installed hydropower capacities in South America. For years, as much as 77 percent of Colombia’s electricity supply came from hydropower, but droughts intensified by the climate crisis made hydropower less reliable. Temperature increases and changes in precipitation patterns will likely lead to water shortages in Colombia. With more climate impacts on the horizon, Colombia needs to increase energy resilience while achieving low-carbon development.

USAID is helping the Government of Colombia integrate clean energy and transition to a more resilient, competitive, and cost-effective power system. USAID helps create competitive energy markets and reduce energy costs by developing transparent power procurement policies. USAID also builds institutional capacity to integrate renewable energy into the power grid, promotes gender equality in the energy sector, and works with the private sector to produce affordable, renewable electricity.

Focus Areas

The Economics of Renewable Energy Auctions


Colombia’s auctions facilitate competitive renewable energy price setting, lower costs, expand access to affordable and sustainable energy, and increase transparency of energy procurement.

Combating Climate Change with Clean Energy


With more climate impacts on the horizon, Colombia has committed to diversifying its energy mix and making its power grid more resilient to climate change.

Promoting a Just and Inclusive Transition to Clean Energy


As competitively procured renewable energy generation ramps up in Colombia, training the next generation of clean energy leaders while engaging local communities is more important than ever before.

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Colombia is a middle-income country and one of the oldest democracies in Latin America. However, it has endured nearly half a century of intense armed conflict, perpetuated by widespread illegal drug production and trafficking.

Scaling Up Renewable Energy (SURE)

GLOBAL, 2017–ONGOING – Through the SURE program, USAID helps partner countries power economies, meet international climate commitments, and strengthen energy security via private investment in, and competitive procurement of, clean electricity.

Renewable Energy Auctions Toolkit

Auctions are best practice for procuring least-cost energy. This toolkit draws on USAID’s experience supporting this competitive, transparent process to help countries meet their energy and climate goals while attracting investment in their clean energy futures.