USAID is excited to announce the expansion of the new electronic signature process that will streamline the signing and document management process, while increasing security. The use of eSign eliminates the need for printing, physical signing, and scanning on the part of partner organizations in a secure environment.

eSign Portal Process

Click here for the text-version of the eSign Portal Process Flow.

Please note that the Agency will also continue to accept hard copy signatures and other methods that are currently used.

Beginning in October 2021, eSign will be expanded for all partners conducting business with USAID’s Management Bureau Office of Acquisition and Assistance.

As a partner, to use the new signature process, you must:

  1. Set up a account;
  2. When a USAID team member sends you a document to sign, open the document via the email link; and
  3. Authenticate with your account and sign the document when prompted.  

If you already have a account, you can use your existing account. No additional software is needed to utilize this tool.

If you have questions about signing a specific document, contact the Agreement Officer, Contracting Officer, or the sender of the document, so they may assist you with using the new system or provide an alternative method of acceptance. If you have questions regarding the new signing process overall, please contact your Contracting or Agreement Officer.

We believe the adoption of the Portal and new digital signing feature will be seamless for your teams.  If you have any questions, please refer to this Partner FAQ [382K PDF].

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