The Digital Skills initiative serves USAID’s commitment to integrate skills in digital development across the technical and programmatic occupational categories of USAID’s workforce.

Digital Development can feel overwhelming for even the most advanced practitioners. Technology impacts every development sector, and partner nation digital ecosystems are complex and rapidly-changing. By understanding the digital ecosystem and how it impacts USAID’s work, we can effectively integrate and leverage the benefits of technology to achieve more with our programs. USAID wants to ensure its dynamic, skilled workforce and implementing partners can maximize opportunities and mitigate risks posed by the digital age. 

Access the latest USAID research, reports, toolkits, and resources in Digital Development. From Agriculture to Global Health, and Digital inclusion to Emerging technology, identify what resources are most critical to your work, and learn strategies to integrate digital development into future programs and activities. These resources will be periodically updated as new knowledge products and toolkits are released.