Revised USAID Counter-Trafficking in Persons Field Guide

The newly revised USAID Counter-Trafficking in Persons (C-TIP) Field Guide is a reference tool for USAID staff and partners to help implement the revised C-TIP programming objectives of the revised USAID C-TIP Policy. It provides Agency-specific guidance to USAID personnel for integrating C-TIP components into existing programs, options for standalone C-TIP initiatives, and suggestions on monitoring and evaluating the impact of specific programming interventions.

Notable updates to the Guide include expanding the Annex describing illustrative activities and possible indicators related to programming in prevention and awareness raising, developing better identification and referral protocols for protection, and improving the legislative enabling environment to address TIP.

The Field Guide:

  • Provides USAID’s framework for countering TIP;

  • Describes different forms of TIP, as well as what is not defined as trafficking;

  • Provides an overview of the prohibitions against behaviors that facilitate or support TIP; and

  • Provides comprehensive programming objectives and illustrative activities within the areas of prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnerships.