COVID-19 is one of the greatest health challenges our world has ever faced. To beat the virus in the United States, we must also fight it abroad. USAID’s work to end the pandemic is keeping Americans safe, saving lives around the world, and rebuilding the U.S. and global economies.

Partnering to End COVID-19

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A Dose of Kinship

We need to attack this virus globally, not just at home, because it’s in America’s self-interest to do so. The virus knows no boundaries. —President Joe Biden

USAID’s Global Response

COVID-19 knows no borders and no one is safe until everyone is safe. USAID is leading the U.S. government’s efforts to vaccinate the world and save lives now. Since the beginning of the pandemic, USAID has supported more than 120 countries to contain and combat the virus. To date, USAID has provided more than $10.4 billion to intensify the fight against COVID-19 around the world, pave the way to recovery, and strengthen global health security. We have been a critical partner in President Biden’s commitment to make the United States the world’s arsenal for vaccines—helping to donate more than 620 million vaccines to 116 countries by mid-September 2022.

Only through collaboration can we collectively overcome COVID-19. —Administrator Samantha Power

USAID’s Programs

USAID is building on decades of global health leadership combating infectious diseases such as Ebola, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria to now fight COVID-19 among other vaccine preventable diseases. USAID programs are helping deliver vaccines and get shots in arms through the U.S. Government's Initiative for Global Vaccine Access (Global VAX), expand access to COVID-19 testing and treatment, protect and train health workers, deliver life-saving health commodities and equipment, share accurate and reliable public health information, and safeguard global health security. USAID is not just fighting the disease—we are also fighting to secure decades of development progress that the pandemic has harmed. USAID programs are keeping kids in school, providing emergency food and hygiene assistance, helping people find work, preventing democratic backsliding, addressing gender-based violence, and tackling other devastating impacts of the pandemic.


The spread of COVID-19 has shown that an infectious disease threat anywhere can be a threat everywhere. USAID is dedicated to ending this pandemic for everyone, everywhere.

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