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May 2022



USAID Administrator highlights Digital Health Vision in keynote speech at the Global Digital Development Forum

USAID Administrator emphasizes Digital Health Vision potential for impact | Photo courtesy of GDDF

Earlier this month, USAID Administrator Samantha Power gave the keynote address at the Global Digital Development Forum, an event meant to explore the long-term challenges to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the opportunities to collectively build an open, inclusive, and secure digital ecosystem. The event had over 3,000 participants from around the world. In her keynote, Administrator Power touched on USAID’s history of supporting digital development and connected to our COVID-19 response, highlighting the Digital Health Vision for allowing USAID to “[begin] more deliberately strengthening country digital health systems that will have knock-on benefits for health and welfare well beyond the pandemic.”

The Digital Health Vision is USAID’s first dedicated policy guidance for its investments in digital technologies that support health programs in its partner countries. To address challenges like lack of sustainability and interoperability, the Vision outlines a systems-level approach to supporting partner countries’ health sector digital transformation.


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White House Office of Science and Technology (OSTP) report spotlights health Grand Challenges

On May 4th, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) launched its seventh Report on the Implementation of Federal Prize and Citizen Science Authority (for FY19- 20), analyzing how Federal agencies use prize competitions and challenges. 29 USAID prize competitions, challenges, and Grand Challenges contributed data to the analysis. The report found that among the federal agencies represented, USAID “stood out as exceptional in both how and why it uses prize competitions and challenges” – and highlighted CII’s Fighting Ebola and Combating Zika Grand Challenges as exciting examples of this type of direct support.

Report on the Implementation of Federal Prize and Citizen Science Authority | Photo courtesy of White House OSTP

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USAID Administrator and Coca-Cola executives underscore Project Last Mile (PLM) partnership

Administrator Power met with Saadia Madsbjerg, President, The Coca-Cola Foundation (TCCF) and Michael Goltzman, Vice-President, Global Policy and Sustainability, The Coca-Cola Company (TCCS), and Adrian Ristow, Project Last Mile Project Director, to discuss the flagship private sector partnership Project Last Mile (PLM). As the press release emphasized, Administrator Power, Ms. Madsbjerg, Mr. Golztman, and Mr. Ristow discussed how this crucial collaboration advances public health goals by leveraging Coca-Cola’s supply chain, logistics, and strategic marketing expertise. USAID remains a leading strategic partner in PLM and aims to continue to expand its geographic footprint and overall impact.

Coca-Cola and Health Service Technician repair vaccine refrigerator in Ghana | Photo courtesy of PLM

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Acting Director Amy Lin delivers keynote address at Bay Area Global Health Alliance Annual Meeting

On May 12th, CII’s Acting Director, Amy Lin, served as the keynote address for the Bay Area Global Health Alliance (BAGHA) Annual Meeting. The meeting was focused on sharing knowledge about where the global health sector is headed with BAGHA’s 60+ multi-sector organizations, which includes academic institutions, NGOs, tech companies, and more. Amy noted in her remarks the increased focus on localization in our global health and innovation work, commented on megatrends that CII and our partners are tracking, and emphasized the opportunities for impact presented by blended finance and artificial intelligence.

Acting Director Amy Lin presents at BAGHA Annual Meeting | Photo courtesy of UCSF Global Health

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Senator Brian Schatz asks about Administrator Power about implementation of Digital Health Vision in Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing

Senior Digital Health Coordinator Adele Waugaman kicks off Digital Health Applied Leadership Program, discusses priorities of USAID Digital Health Vision

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