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May 22, 2018

Over five and a quarter years, the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Supporting Forests and Biodiversity (USAID SFB) project delivered meaningful results that improved the conservation and governance of forest landscapes in Cambodia in order to mitigate climate change and conserve biodiversity.

Appreciation Ceremony and Celebration of Challenge-TB’s Achievements in Cambodia
April 27, 2018

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the collaborative achievements that have been made under this partnership. We have managed to increase the number of TB cases we detected by 5 percent over last year’s achievements, despite the decline in national TB case notification. In 2017, Challenge-TB contributed over one quarter of the total TB cases, or over 8,000. It was also responsible for over half of the childhood TB cases that were diagnosed. The project accounted for 90 percent of all children under 5 in Cambodia who received preventive therapy for TB.

Remarks by Veena Reddy, Acting Mission Director, USAID Cambodia, Opening Ceremony of the Annual National Tuberculosis Conference
April 23, 2018

There has been important progress made in fighting TB in the last two decades, both globally and here in Cambodia, and I want to congratulate the Ministry and the National TB Program on that success.

April 2, 2018

USAID remains committed to supporting Cambodia’s healthcare systems through capacity development and system strengthening, as they move toward achieving Universal Health Coverage goals. We will also continue to support the RGC in expanding social health protection coverage to include priority services such as maternal and child health, reproductive health, infectious diseases and nutrition.

March 22, 2018

On behalf of USAID Cambodia, I want to thank everyone for their participation over the past two years and also today to develop the Environment and Natural Resources Code. I want to congratulate the Royal Government of Cambodia, especially the Ministry of Environment and the National Council for Sustainable Development, and other ministries for their commitment and effort to develop the Code. This has been a long process that has incorporated the voices of many representatives of government, NGOs, and civil society to ensure that Cambodia’s development considers the environment and natural resources management.


Last updated: June 06, 2018

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