In Azerbaijan, USAID’s goal is to continue to build a lasting friendship, and an enduring partnership with Azerbaijan by investing in our mutual security and prosperity. USAID works with the Azerbaijani government, the local private sector, and civil society actors who are committed  to improving the lives of Azerbaijanis. USAID provides development assistance in two major areas: supporting the growth of the non-oil sector; and strengthening participatory and transparent democratic and governance processes. USAID’s strategy is described in the Azerbaijan Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS), 2020-2025, and provides detailed information on USAID assistance. The strategy document can be found here.

USAID’s work focuses on building a better environment for private sector growth and investment, with an emphasis on the agriculture and tourism sectors, and addressing challenges that make communities vulnerable, that include combating trafficking in persons, decreasing unemployment, addressing water scarcity in rural areas, improving gender equality, supporting efforts of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to provide essential services while increasing citizen participation in public life.