USAID Southeast Asia's Smart Power Program

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USAID is helping Southeast Asian nations transform their energy sectors and power systems and improve access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy. The USAID Southeast Asia’s Smart Power Program embodies the U.S. Government’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve global net-zero emissions by 2050.

Southeast Asia is undergoing rapid economic growth that is expected to continue over the next two decades. However, sustaining this growth requires affordable and reliable energy services. Transforming regional energy sectors and power systems can increase clean, reliable power, alleviate inefficiencies that threaten macro-economic stability, reduce air pollution, and improve management of critical infrastructure that increases food safety and water supply, while addressing urgent climate change needs.


USAID Southeast Asia’s Smart Power is a five-year program that will expand energy capacity through deployment of advanced energy systems, increase investment into the region’s energy sector, and improve regional energy trade to ensure secure and market-driven energy sectors that sustain economic growth. The program will leverage bilateral and trilateral partnerships, support regional initiatives, address cross-border issues, and create centers for training of energy sector staff to develop solutions that will help Southeast Asian countries become self-reliant and achieve their sustainable development aspirations.


USAID will strengthen the capacity of Southeast Asian power utility management and staff to improve financial viability, enhance operational efficiency, strengthen corporate governance, and adopt international leading management practices. USAID will provide technical assistance, embedded advisors, training, and peer-to-peer exchange programs tailored to the utilities’ needs.


USAID will support the development and deployment of innovative solutions and approaches aimed at transforming the energy sector, as measured by the deployment of advanced energy systems across Southeast Asia. The program will significantly increase the market penetration of today’s smart and cost-effective renewable energy sources and energy efficient technologies such as super-efficient air conditioners, lighting, controls, and industrial equipment. USAID will also provide a central clearinghouse for best practices and technical assistance aimed at increasing transparency and competitiveness for the procurement of advanced energy technologies in the region.


USAID will improve energy security, reliability, and project economics by supporting local counterparts to strengthen institutions and infrastructure toward increasing regional power trade in Southeast Asia. It will also provide technical assistance to partners seeking to understand the strategic use and regional market for natural gas (domestic and imported) to advance climate-friendly improvements in natural gas system performance that can accelerate the adoption of variable renewable energy resources. 


USAID’s efforts will contribute to the deployment of 2,000 megawatts of advanced energy systems, the mobilization of $2 billion in clean energy finance, and a five percent increase in regional energy trade.

Last updated: February 03, 2022

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