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The region is the global epicenter of marine biological diversity and home to the most productive fisheries on the planet. However, the region’s marine ecosystems are threatened by pollution, uncontrolled coastal development, climate change, and unsustainable and illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing. Distant-water fishing fleets of foreign state actors contribute to unsustainable and illegal fishing, threatening regional economic and food security, and eroding national sovereignty and maritime security.

Through SuFiA TS, USAID works to promote sustainable fisheries and marine biodiversity conservation in the Indo-Pacific, address gender inequity and forced labor concerns within regional seafood supply chains, and provide technical support services and tools to combat IUU fishing.


SuFiA TS provides a range of technical support services and products as requested by regional and local institutions, private sector partners, and key stakeholder groups working to promote fisheries sustainability, marine biodiversity conservation, and gender equity and social inclusion across the Indo-Pacific region. Regional services and products are organized around three key components: regional fisheries policies, standards, and regulatory frameworks; fair labor and sustainable fishing practices used by the seafood industry; and improved regional outreach and communications among relevant institutions and stakeholders. Regional technical support services and products will be designed to integrate gender equity and social inclusion considerations as well as strengthening community resiliency and coastal climate change adaptation.


To advance fisheries sustainability and marine biodiversity conservation regionally, SuFiA TS supports the development, adoption, and implementation of regional sustainable fisheries policies, standards, and regulatory frameworks in the Indo-Pacific. SuFiA TS will promote the leadership and goals of regional organizations that advance sustainable fisheries management and counter IUU fishing.


In partnership with entrepreneurs, seafood companies, and business investors, SuFiA TS engages and partners with regional private sector interests in the adoption and implementation of seafood industry fair-labor standards and sustainable fishing practices. This will be supported through increased industry investment, establishment of sustainable seafood market mechanisms, and volunteer contributions by seafood companies toward the adoption of fair-labor and sustainable fishing practices.


SuFiA TS supports regional communications and outreach among regional institutions, relevant non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to promote a collaborative management approach for regional fisheries management and marine conservation. SuFiA TS aims to improve multi-stakeholder coordination, increase regional communications, and generate and manage relevant regional knowledge products relating to marine biodiversity conservation and fisheries management.

Last updated: February 16, 2022

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