Our Work

The Office of Democracy, Gender and Rights for USAID/Afghanistan focuses on strengthening civil society, supporting media freedoms, and protecting human rights, with a particular focus on the rights of women and girls, especially those vulnerable to human trafficking, early child marriage and gender-based-violence. 

Major Highlight

USAID helped to establish an open and robust civil society and media sector by advocating for legal and regulatory reforms, and providing civil society organizations and government representatives with training on effective oversight. Over the last two decades, the number of media outlets has grown from zero to 464 and the number of nongovernmental organizations has expanded to 1,550. USAID continues to support Afghanistan’s civil society and Afghan media partners to ensure Afghans’ voices are heard and advocate for their rights.

Supporting Women and Girls through Women-Led Organizations

USAID continues to provide access to essential services that prevent and respond to violence against women and girls. This includes supporting women-led civil society organizations (CSOs) and networks to advance women's human rights, including economic rights. USAID will bolster and support local women's organizations, enabling them to identify appropriate solutions and lead efforts to advance women's rights in a Taliban-controlled environment.

Women and Education

USAID helps women gain access to colleges and universities through the Women’s Scholarship Endowment. USAID also prepares women to enter the workforce, facilitating job-skills training, internships, and apprenticeships. We have assisted nearly 24,000 women find new or better employment, facilitated internships or apprenticeships for nearly 11,000, and helped increase income by at least 10 percent for 13,525 Afghan women. Since 2015, 461 women-owned businesses have received business development and marketing training and more than 50 percent of 461 client businesses achieved a revenue increase of at least 40 percent.