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Strengthening the resilience of smallholder farmers, vulnerable households, and agribusinesses

The purpose of USAID’s agriculture program is to improve food security, increase agricultural productivity and rural employment, and improve family incomes and well-being. Particularly, our assistance helps minimize the impact of economic disruption and strengthen the resilience of smallholder farmers.

Democracy, Gender & Human Rights

Strengthening civil society for the rights of all Afghans
USAID’s Democracy and Governance program supports the establishment of a broadly accepted national government that promotes national unity and effectively serves the needs of the Afghan people. USAID supports Afghanistan civil society through grants to elevate women’s voices, build journalist networks, and strengthen business processes for civil society organizations. 

Economic Growth

Promoting economic stabilization-livelihoods
The primary goal of USAID/Afghanistan´s Economic Growth program is to restore and advance livelihood opportunities through working with the private sector to advance sustainable, dynamic economic growth across all industry sectors. USAID will work with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to sustain and create jobs while helping maintain access to credit for the purchase of supplies, materials and equipment for the continuation of business operations. USAID, working through its in-country implementing partners, will continue to identify and help resolve impediments and constraints that undermine the ability of an industry value chain from functioning effectively, efficiently and profitably. USAID will continue to focus on those industry sectors, such as agriculture, which are  essential to maintaining basic living conditions. 


Supporting all Afghans’ right to access to safe, quality education at all levels
USAID’s education strategy is designed to support basic education, higher education, and literacy combined with productive skills training for out of school youth and adults, particularly girls and young women. USAID focuses on sustaining access to education and training opportunities for all children and youth, and supporting quality teaching. USAID supports quality learning  so that all children can fulfill their education aspirations and gain relevant skills.


Supporting access to basic health services for all
In order to mitigate a humanitarian crisis, USAID health projects are designed to improve the health status of the general population. The projects aim to train essential health care professionals, educate Afghans about better health habits, enhance provider performance, and develop and implement quality assurance systems. Basic health care for rural communities and poor urban households is a priority for USAID/Afghanistan, with a primary focus on women and children’s health.


Strengthening the reach and legitimacy of the central government in outlying regions.
Stabilization programs are designed to improve security, extend the reach of the Afghan government, and facilitate reconstruction in priority provinces. Their core objective is to implement projects that will improve stability so that more traditional forms of development assistance can resume.

Last updated: November 08, 2022

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