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People-to-People Partnership for Peace Fund Grants Activity

USAID’s People-to-People Partnership for Peace Fund supports Israeli-Palestinian partnerships that build on a proven record of solving common economic and social development challenges.

Women Entrepreneurship Development (WED)

$3.3 million • Implemented by Tomorrow’s Youth Organization • 2022-2026

Women Entrepreneurship Development provides women entrepreneurs support to take a concept from an idea to a sustainable business model through training, seed funding, and connections with successful entrepreneur mentors. In addition, the project supports women-led small businesses through a workspace created to offer startups and new ventures access to the resources they need. A separate component of the activity will build the skills of young women and expose them to role models, strengthening the next generation of women entrepreneurs. Through this activity, USAID intends to directly support over two hundred women entrepreneurs and dozens of women-led small businesses, while fostering coexistence and reconciliation within and across communities.

Prosperity Through Partnership (PTP) 

$2.2 million • Implemented by Mercy Corps • 2022-2025

Prosperity Through Partnership brings together and coaches at least 600 Palestinian and Israeli business owners to build partnerships and advance participants’ business goals. Through the activity, Palestinian and Israeli business leaders will identify challenges and solutions to increase trade between the West Bank and Israel. It will also support Palestinian and Israeli trade associations, leveraging their networks and connections across Israel and the West Bank to increase business opportunities and relationships.

Partnership for Climate Resilience and Water Security

$3.3 million • Implemented by EcoPeace Middle East • 2022-2025

Partnership for Climate Resilience and Water Security uses scientific and grassroots approaches to build awareness, knowledge, and solutions to address water scarcity and climate change. Fifteen Israeli and 15 Palestinian scientific experts will collaborate on a new water model for equitable and sustainable water use, enabling participants to break down barriers to resolving conflict over water and climate related issues. The grassroots component will develop materials for students and train Palestinian and Israeli teachers to increase awareness of climate challenges including mitigation and adaptation measures. Teachers will participate in binational meetings to promote regional cooperation. Additionally, 150 Israeli and 150 Palestinian young professionals will participate in Water Diplomacy Training to promote sustainable water use and collaboration for future generations.


Last updated: June 21, 2022

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