People-to-People Partnership for Peace Fund Grants Activity

USAID’s People-to-People Partnership for Peace Fund supports Israeli-Palestinian partnerships that build on a proven record of solving common economic and social development challenges.

Women Entrepreneurship Development (WED)

$3.3 million • Implemented by Tomorrow’s Youth Organization • 2022-2026

Women Entrepreneurship Development provides women entrepreneurs support to take a concept from an idea to a sustainable business model through training, seed funding, and connections with successful entrepreneur mentors. In addition, the project supports women-led small businesses through a workspace created to offer startups and new ventures access to the resources they need. A separate component of the activity will build the skills of young women and expose them to role models, strengthening the next generation of women entrepreneurs. Through this activity, USAID intends to directly support over two hundred women entrepreneurs and dozens of women-led small businesses, while fostering coexistence and reconciliation within and across communities.

Prosperity Through Partnership (PTP) 

$2.2 million • Implemented by Mercy Corps • 2022-2025

Prosperity Through Partnership brings together and coaches at least 600 Palestinian and Israeli business owners to build partnerships and advance participants’ business goals. Through the activity, Palestinian and Israeli business leaders will identify challenges and solutions to increase trade between the West Bank and Israel. It will also support Palestinian and Israeli trade associations, leveraging their networks and connections across Israel and the West Bank to increase business opportunities and relationships.

Partnership for Climate Resilience and Water Security

$3.3 million • Implemented by EcoPeace Middle East • 2022-2025

Partnership for Climate Resilience and Water Security uses scientific and grassroots approaches to build awareness, knowledge, and solutions to address water scarcity and climate change. Fifteen Israeli and 15 Palestinian scientific experts will collaborate on a new water model for equitable and sustainable water use, enabling participants to break down barriers to resolving conflict over water and climate related issues. The grassroots component will develop materials for students and train Palestinian and Israeli teachers to increase awareness of climate challenges including mitigation and adaptation measures. Teachers will participate in binational meetings to promote regional cooperation. Additionally, 150 Israeli and 150 Palestinian young professionals will participate in Water Diplomacy Training to promote sustainable water use and collaboration for future generations.

DevelopMed – Medicine in the Service of Peace

$2.21 million • Implemented by Peres Center • 2022-2025

The DevelopMed - Medicine in the Service of Peace activity will create a sustainable, formalized approach to cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian stakeholders in the healthcare field. Healthcare offers a unique window of opportunity for cross-border partnership and peacebuilding between Palestinians and Israelis. To date, such cooperation has been limited and ad hoc. DevelopMed will establish an Israeli-Palestinian Medical Cooperation Consortium to engage stakeholders on ways to improve cross-border medical cooperation. The activity provides in-person training to over 300 Israeli and Palestinian  medical professionals, increasing mutual trust, confidence, and understanding between them. Through this activity, healthcare professionals will improve their ability to address challenges facing healthcare systems in their communities, while also building personal connections that will create advocates for peace.

TechSeeds for Peace (T4P) 

$5 million • Implemented by Appleseeds • 2022-2025

TechSeeds for Peace (T4P) harnesses technology as a common interest to bring together Palestinians and Israelis for skills development and career advancement to take advantage of this growing market and building lasting personal relationships. Today, there are 20,000 open software development positions in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. The activity engages over 1,000 young Palestinian and Israeli professionals from underserved communities to learn technology, leadership, conflict mitigation and soft skills side-by-side. The activity supports “full-stack training” which includes both back-end and front-end skills development including database, algorithms and code training in addition to training on visual design, app development and data storage. Participants will also receive interview and resume skills training to promote career advancement in the high technology field. Palestinian and Israeli youth will engage in training and education sessions together as they learn to work together as peers, widening the constituency of peace across the region’s burgeoning technology industry and building support for an eventual two-state solution.

Making Peace

$1 million • Implemented by Reut USA • 2022-2024

Making Peace supports Israeli and Palestinian collaboration by using technology, design, and innovation to create and disseminate affordable solutions for marginalized groups, including people living with disabilities and the elderly. Through a series of in-person and online activities, the project brings together hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian innovators to identify shared challenges across both societies and brainstorm to develop highly-affordable open-source technology, such as 3D printing of prosthetics or manufacturing wheelchairs for young children.  Their work will not only create solutions and support marginalized groups, but also build the foundations for strong personal, professional, and institutional relationships that can support a lasting peace.

Next Generation Accelerator 

$4.5 million • Implemented by Our Generation Speaks • 2022-2025

The Next Generation Accelerator initiative creates a generation of leaders with the skills, motivation, and networks to build an entrepreneurial community committed to shaping a peaceful Israeli-Palestinian future from the ground up. Based on the premise that an interconnected human and economic infrastructure is essential to support a lasting peace, the Next Generation Accelerator uses entrepreneurship as a vehicle to attract young Israelis and Palestinians and support their development as leaders within a startup ecosystem across the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel. Over this three-year activity, 128 promising Israeli and Palestinian leaders will participate in an annual, intensive three-month startup accelerator in Boston.  Summer fellows will develop approximately 32 ventures receiving an average $50,000 pre-seed investment each. Following the summer fellowship, all participants will join a cross-border community of over 280 Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs. The Next Generation Accelerator will also support additional start-up investment opportunities for alumni. It will ensure that the alumni community is a vibrant network that sustains relationships and connections built through the program, while continuing to invest in the fellows’ professional development. By investing in promising young leaders and building cross-border connections, the Next Generation Accelerator activity builds the infrastructure for long-term, large-scale peaceful exchanges and economic growth.

Palestinian-Israeli Specialist Nursing Hub

$3.25 million • Implemented by Project Rozana • 2022-2025

The Palestinian-Israeli Specialist Nursing Hub activity engages nearly 500 nurses from leading Palestinian and Israeli healthcare institutions in seminars and collective peacebuilding activities, real-time consultations, and regular case sharing. The activity contributes to ensuring quality care for both Palestinian and Israeli patients at local facilities in the West Bank and Israel through shared learning and training opportunities. Additionally, the activity will fund joint research to assess the activity as a mode of capacity building and health diplomacy. Training from the activity enables graduates to train future cohorts of nurses and leaders.

Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) 

$600,000 • Implemented by Operating Together of the Society of Friends of Edith Wolfson Medical Center • 2022-2024

Cross-border communication and collaboration for patient care, particularly in the case of trauma patients, has long been a successful area of teamwork between Palestinians and Israelis. Advanced Trauma Life Support will build on this rudimentary level of cooperation by offering internationally recognized courses for trauma care that supports not only individuals, but a systemic approach to trauma. Through shared educational, academic, and clinical programs for Israeli and Palestinian trauma surgeons, this activity optimizes trauma care for local communities while creating shared experiences and building deeper respect and lasting partnerships between colleagues.