USAID’s private sector programs advance productivity and create an environment that attracts investment and allows Palestinian businesses to access domestic, regional, and international markets. Technical assistance and grants, market access initiatives, and other support help Palestinian businesses recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

USAID is currently doing this through the following activity:

Small and Medium Enterprise Assistance for Recovery and Transition (SMART)

$40 million • Implemented by DAI Global, LLC • 2021-2025

The Small and Medium Enterprise Assistance for Recovery and Transition (SMART) activity revitalizes Palestinian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and places them on a path to recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic. Assistance supports SMEs to regain productivity through a package of grants, technical assistance, and increased access to finance. SMART promotes economic growth and self-reliance in the West Bank and Gaza.

Digital Financial Services Pilot Activity (Buy-in)

$1 Million • Implemented by Palladium International, LLC. • 2022-2024

The Digital Financial Services Pilot Activity is designed to stimulate a dynamic and competitive digital financial services market in the West Bank and Gaza.  The interventions under this Activity will coalesce around two core objectives: (1) building partnerships to facilitate digital payment services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs); and (2) enhancing financial literacy and digital financial services adoption by SMEs and underserved populations, including women, youth, the unbanked, and the underbanked. 

The Activity will be implemented via a buy-in to the Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation managed Global Development Alliance called Alliance for E-Trade Development II (E-Trade Alliance). The E-Trade Alliance is a Cooperative Agreement awarded to Palladium International, LLC.


Report - West Bank and Gaza's Enabling Environment for Doing Business in the Digital Economy

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