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Civil society organizations - including community groups, faith groups, human rights defenders, journalists and others - are critical for community development and conflict mitigation in the West Bank and Gaza. USAID provides capacity building and grants to civil society organizations to implement social and community development projects and improve government’s responsiveness to citizen needs. USAID also supports training and peer-to-peer learning opportunities in civil society organizations to increase the organizations’ effectiveness and advocacy. 

USAID is currently doing this through the following activity:

Civic Participation and Community Engagement (CPCE) Activity

$5 million • Implemented by FHI Development 360 LLC • 2021-2023

The Civic Participation and Community Engagement (CPCE) activity enhances governance and builds civil society organization capacity in addition to increasing participatory community development and civic participation. CPCE helps civil society organizations better advocate and serve citizens, which will lead to increased citizen engagement and participation.

Civic Participation and Community Engagement (CPCE) Activity Factsheet


Last updated: August 12, 2022

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