Vietnam is one of the world’s five most vulnerable countries to climate change. And although Vietnam is a modest greenhouse gas emitter, emissions have multiplied fivefold in the last 20 years. The energy sector is responsible for more than half of the country’s emissions, followed by agriculture, industrial processes, and waste. USAID partners with Vietnam to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase resilience by accelerating Vietnam’s transition to clean energy, protecting the natural environment, and engaging with local communities on environmental pollution, as well as strengthening disaster response, preparedness, and risk reduction. 


  • USAID Sustainable Forest Management supports improved timber management and the restoration and conservation of natural forests, which are critical to reduce and absorb Vietnam’s carbon emissions. [2020-2025, $36,270,000]
  • USAID Vietnam Low Emission Energy Program (V-LEEP II) supports Vietnam’s transition to a clean, secure, and market-based energy sector. [2020-2025, $36.250,000] 
  • USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security works closely with the Government of Vietnam to catalyze clean energy solutions to urban energy challenges. [2019-2024, $13,970,000] 
  • USAID INVEST stimulates private investment in high-impact areas including infrastructure, energy, and health. [2019-2024, $10,130,000] 
  • USAID Biodiversity Conservation - With a primary objective to conserve biodiversity, this project supports Vietnam to maintain healthy forests and protect wildlife populations in its national parks and nature reserves to ensure stable supply of ecosystem services. This project contributes to climate change objectives by increasing ecosystem function and carbon potential of healthy forests, which builds resilience and mitigates emissions.  [2020-2025, $38,000,000]
  • USAID’s Mekong Delta Coastal Habitat Conservation strengthens marine resources management to conserve biodiversity and enhance coastal resilience. [2021-2024, $2,900,000]


A solar farm in Binh Thuan province, which was built with technical support from USAID.
A solar farm in Binh Thuan province, which was built with technical support from USAID.
Phuong Nguyen/USAID
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