Vietnam has made remarkable progress over the past 30 years and the Government of Vietnam is currently focused on its draft ten-year Socio-Economic Development Strategy (SEDS) 2021 - 2030 which seeks to develop an integrated, efficient, and sustainable economy. USAID/Vietnam has aligned its Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) with the GVN’s 2021- 2030 SEDS.

USAID/Vietnam’s CDCS goal is an “Open, prosperous, and secure Vietnam that is effective and inclusive in tackling its own development challenges.” This ambitious goal statement supports the Journey to Self-Reliance[1] and the Indo-Pacific Vision[2], particularly through increased participation of the Government of Vietnam (GVN), private sector, and civil society working collectively to address Vietnam’s development challenges. To achieve this goal USAID/Vietnam will focus on Development Objectives (DOs): economic competitiveness; prevention and control of infectious diseases; environmental security; and a Special Objective, overcoming war and Agent Orange legacies. The GVN, the private sector, and civil society are at the heart of this CDCS.

Economic Competitiveness Increased (DO1) will focus on improving the business enabling environment, modernizing higher education institutions, and expanding private sector infrastructure investment.

Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Increased (DO2) will build sustainable health systems that support Vietnam’s efforts to plan, finance, and implement solutions for the country’s HIV, TB, and Global Health Security programs. DO2 will contribute and link to DO1 and will assist the GVN's transition to greater local ownership.

Environmental Security Improved (DO3) will focus on assisting the GVN to further grow a clean, secure, and market-driven renewable energy sector, protect forests and biodiversity, counter wildlife trafficking, and curb environmental pollution. USAID/Vietnam will take an intentional approach to redefining the relationship with the GVN, by utilizing a multi-pronged approach with civil society, the private sector, and the GVN to further environmental security and sustainability.

Overcome War and Agent Orange Legacies (Special Objective) will tackle the two lasting effects of the Agent Orange legacy by supporting the improvement of the quality of life of persons with disabilities in provinces sprayed by Agent Orange and remediating dioxin at Bien Hoa Airbase and its surrounding areas, the last major hotspot of dioxin contamination in Vietnam.

All intermediate results will contribute to improved governance outcomes including: Government responsiveness and transparency increased; Collective action accelerated; and Policies and policy implementation improved.


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