Vietnam is among five countries in the world that account for nearly 60% of the ocean’s plastic pollution. Plastic pollution exacerbates the impacts of climate change as it harms marine life, disrupting life-sustaining ecosystems. Vietnam’s rapid growth has also caused various environmental pollution challenges, largely spurred by agriculture, transportation, and industrial production. USAID supports Vietnam to address these challenges in targeted areas through a collective impact approach while demonstrating benefits to public health, employment, and sustainable economic growth. 


  • USAID Reducing Pollution strengthens networks of local organizations, government, private sector, and academic institutions working together to reduce environmental pollution. [2021-2026, $11,300,000] 
  • Collective Action for Water Conservation forms a community of concerned stakeholders and supports them to raise public awareness, collect data, and advocate for better local water conservation practices to reduce water pollution. [2020-2023, $1,500,000]
  • Local Solutions for Plastic Pollution supports three cities to create and carry out action plans to reduce plastic pollution. [2020-2023, $1,600,000] 
  • Vietnam Action Against Plastic Pollution creates inclusive circular economies together with local and national governments, communities, and the private sector to reduce plastic pollution at its source.  [2022-2027, $23,400,000]
USAID helps provide water supply systems in Thanh Hoa province.
USAID helps provide water supply systems in Thanh Hoa province.
Phuong Nguyen/USAID
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