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The Commercial Justice Activity is a five-year initiative designed to reduce opportunities for corruption and improve businesses’ and the public’s perceptions about corruption. It helps improve the resolution of commercial disputes and enforcement of judgments as well as help businesses understand the processes that enhance investment and promote economic growth in Kosovo.

Launched in September 2019, USAID’s Monitoring and Evaluation Support project (MEASURE II) is an extension of its first MEASURE project. The initial project evaluated the impact of USAID’s development programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina and helped build the capacity of local stakeholders to conduct evaluations and social science research to inform policymaking and programming of local organizations and institutions. 

USAID’s Economic Governance Activity is a five-year initiative to support the Government of Kosovo in implementing significant reforms to improve the efficiency of government operations, strengthen public financial management, and ensure self-reliant and inclusive governance capacities and systems for future reforms.

USAID Local Works funding empowers local actors to take the lead in addressing their local development challenges.

USAID is working to build capacity within the National Referral System to better identify and assist victims of human trafficking. 

Since 1995, the U.S. government, primarily through USAID, has provided more than $2 billion in assistance to support democratic, social, and economic progress in BiH and to advance the country toward its goal of EU membership. Much of that investment was focused on post-war reconstruction and the establishment of government institutions. Today, USAID focuses on improving the rule of law and fight against corruption, boosting the private sector, and improving inter-ethnic relations.

On September 23, U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo announced nearly $119 million in additional U.S. Government (USG) humanitarian funding to support efforts to respond to the Venezuela regional crisis, including inside of Venezuela. The funding—comprising more than $78.8 million from State/PRM, nearly $21.3 million from USAID/FFP, and more than $18.6 million from USAID/OFDA—will enable non-governmental organization (NGO), public international organization (PIO), and UN partners to continue providing critical multi-sector support to vulnerable populations.

USAID recently contributed $7.5 million to Samaritan’s Purse to support health, shelter, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) projects in The Bahamas’ Abaco and Grand Bahama islands, which experienced widespread destruction due to Hurricane Dorian. Samaritan’s Purse established a field hospital in Grand Bahama and is delivering critical health services to more than 100 patients daily, as well as providing access to safe drinking water for affected populations on the islands.

USAID đang hỗ trợ các nỗ lực hiện đại hóa hệ thống giáo dục đại học của Việt Nam. Thông qua hợp tác với Chính phủ Việt Nam và khu vực tư nhân nhằm giúp một số trường đại học hàng đầu của Việt Nam cải tiến giáo trình và phương pháp giảng dạy, các trường này sẽ có vai trò là các hình mẫu cho một hệ thống giáo dục đại học thế kỷ 21. Mục tiêu là giúp đào tạo đội ngũ sinh viên ra trường có tay nghề, đủ kỹ năng cần thiết để sẵn sàng làm việc và cạnh tranh trong môi trường toàn cầu hóa ngày càng cao. Các dự án hỗ trợ của USAID trong lĩnh vực giáo dục đại học đã có tác động tới trên 30.000 sinh viên và tập trung vào 3 lĩnh vực mà Chính phủ Việt Nam xác định là ưu tiên: 1) Công nghệ và kỹ thuật; 2) Y tế; và 3) Giáo dục khai phóng.

USAID is supporting Vietnam’s efforts to modernize its higher education system. By partnering with the Government of Vietnam as well as the private sector to help some of the country’s leading universities reform their curriculum and teaching practices, these institutions will serve as models for a 21st century system of higher education. The goal is to produce trained, job-ready graduates that have the skills necessary to compete in an increasingly global market.


Last updated: August 04, 2022

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