In September 2020, following Congressional authorization, USAID elevated its status in Uzbekistan from a Country Office to a full-fledged Mission. A full USAID Mission could better respond to new opportunities for increased cooperation between the United States and Uzbekistan resulting from the reforms initiated since 2016 by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev. To guide its programming for 2022 through 2025, USAID/Uzbekistan developed this three-year Strategic Framework, which will be followed by a Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS).

The goal of USAID/Uzbekistan’s 2022 – 2025 Strategic Framework is Toward a Reformed, Resilient, Inclusive, and Transparent Uzbekistan. To achieve this goal, USAID will advance four development objectives. In support of Development Objective (DO) 1: Effective Democratic Governance Strengthened, USAID will ensure Uzbekistan’s citizens and civil society play a greater role in decision-making processes and will strengthen local and national government institutions. To support DO 2: Learning Outcomes and Skills of Children and Youth Improved, USAID will support the GOU efforts to reform and modernize the education sector to ensure that Uzbekistan’s citizens, including people with disabilities, can acquire the skills necessary to succeed in both education and employment. To advance DO 3: Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Growth Enhanced, USAID will support GOU reform efforts to diversify its economy, increase trade, and create meaningful employment for Uzbekistan’s population, including women and youth. To support DO 4: Quality, People-centered, and Integrated Health Care Provision for Priority Disease Threats Expanded, USAID will improve the quality and accessibility of comprehensive health services, while strengthening the GOU’s ability to effectively manage and respond to the priority diseases affecting Uzbekistan, thus improving health outcomes.

In addition to addressing the sectoral themes with four DOs, USAID/Uzbekistan’s Strategic Framework incorporates four cross-sectoral themes: youth, gender equality, private sector engagement, and digital transformation. USAID will also integrate lessons learned from decades of providing assistance to Uzbekistan as well as globally, build on an already strong foundation of collaboration with other agencies and strengthen donor coordination.