USAID works with Government of Ukraine (GOU), private sector, and civil society leaders to improve Ukraine’s energy security and transform Ukraine’s energy sector into a modern, market-oriented, EU-integrated, engine of growth.  USAID activities focus on the development of the electricity, natural gas, renewable energy and district heating sectors. USAID also works to strengthen the energy sector’s cybersecurity, promote expanded use of renewable energy, and support the integration of Ukraine’s energy markets with those of the EU. True energy security also requires that quality energy services are affordable, reliable and secure for all Ukrainians.

Current programs:

Energy Security Project (ESP)
Project Period: July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2023

The purpose of the Energy Security Project (ESP) is to enhance Ukraine’s energy security. Improving the legal and regulatory environment and increasing resilience of the energy supply will help Ukraine to achieve broad-based, resilient economic development as a means to sustain its democracy. ESP’s central goal is to provide assistance for the creation and development of free market mechanisms. ESP will help the Government of Ukraine (GOU) to provide affordable, reliable, resilient and secure energy to its citizens; assist the Government of Ukraine to integrate into European energy markets by helping key government agencies and the energy regulator to meet EU “energy acquis” requirements, including the Third Energy Package; improve energy security by establishing competitive energy markets in electricity, natural gas and district heating sectors; and increase energy supplies in Ukraine by facilitating private sector-led energy investments in and increasing production of renewable energy sources.

Energy Sector Transparency  
Project period: February 1, 2019 – December 31, 2023

The Energy Sector Transparency activity strengthens Ukraine’s energy security by reducing opportunities for corruption in the energy sector. The activity increases the transparency of energy sector data, empowers public watchdog entities to monitor and guard against corruption in the energy sector, and enables consumers to have a voice with respect to how the energy sector is regulated and governed.  

Renewable energy