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To support BiH children and the economy during and after the pandemic, USAID has partnered with UNICEF in a two-year, $4.8 million project to strengthen BiH's response to and recovery from COVID-19. This project, 'Strengthening Social and Health Protection in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic', will address the devastating effect the pandemic has had on citizens in BiH, specifically the socio-economic impacts.  

USAID's comprehensive approach to tourism will improve Bosnia and Herzegovina’s economy and foster social harmony.

O’zbekiston Respublikasi Xalq ta'limi vazirligi tizimli va kompleks islohotlarni amalga oshirishni oʻz oldiga maqsad qilib qoʻygan. Oʻzbekiston maktab bitiruvchilariga muvaffaqiyat qozonishning asosi boʻlgan tanqidiy fikrlash, muammolarni hal qilish va amaliy koʻnikmalarga ega bo‘lish imkoniyatini beruvchi ta'lim tizimini yaratish ustida ishlamoqda. Islohotlar rejasi ta'lim sohasi xodimlarining oʻqitish amaliyotini oʻzgartirish, ya’ni yodlash va faktlarga asoslangan ta'lim tizimidan oʻquvchilarning olgan bilimlarini amaliyotda qoʻllash qobiliyatini kuchaytirishga qaratilgan tizimga oʻtishga qaratilgan.

The Government of Uzbekistan Ministry of Public Education is committed to an ambitious program of systematic and comprehensive reforms. Uzbekistan is working to create an education system that can produce graduates with the critical thinking, problem solving, and practical skills that will enable them to succeed. The reform agenda is intended to transform the instructional practices of the teaching workforce, moving away from a focus on rote and fact learning toward enhancing students’ ability to apply knowledge.

Jordan’s people are the country’s greatest asset. A healthy and productive population is fundamental to the country’s future economic growth and political stability. USAID and Jordan share a longstanding partnership to strengthen the country’s health system, enhancing the quality of health care services, training health-care providers, and constructing health-care facilities throughout the country. The Kingdom has made enormous progress in recent years in reducing maternal and infant mortality and expanding and improving health infrastructure.

Jordan is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world. The country’s renewable water supply currently meets around two-thirds of the population’s water demands, with groundwater being used twice as quickly as it can be replenished. Population growth and the influx of refugees from regional conflicts put additional strain on an already stressed water supply. Climate change will exacerbate the problem. Jordan’s water security is critical to the country’s long-term political and economic stability.

Women and youth are an untapped resource for Jordan. Despite high education levels, the country has some of the lowest indicators in the world for labor force and civic participation, productivity, and gender equality.

La Public Opinion Activity [Actividad de Opinión Pública – POA] de USAID aporta datos y análisis sobre la gobernabilidad democrática en Colombia a los actores locales e internacionales. POA orienta a los programas y políticas de USAID/Colombia para mejorar las capacidades de los actores locales para recopilar, comprender, y utilizar datos para la generación y promoción de políticas públicas.  POA tiene cobertura nacional y se extiende desde enero de 2016 hasta julio de 2021. 


The U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), has provided more than $11 million to help Cambodia respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. These additional resources build upon existing support to the people of Cambodia, much of which has also been adapted to meet the emerging challenges of the pandemic.

В рамках этого проекта USAID помогает Кыргызской Республике в вопросах профилактики, диагностики и реагирования на эпидемию COVID-19. 


Last updated: June 25, 2021

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