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Advancing stability and national unity in Ukraine and mitigating the effects of Kremlin malign influence.


The U.S. Government’s strategy for stability in Europe includes countering Russia’s destabilizing measures that corrode democratic institutions and governments. Since 2014, USAID/OTI has supported the country’s transformation to a modern, democratic country and bolstered its resistance to Russia's efforts to undermine that transition. USAID/OTI helps to advance stability and national unity in Ukraine and mitigate the effects of Kremlin malign influence by advancing efforts toward the reintegration of Donbas and Crimea, strengthening abilities to counter disinformation and malign narratives, and addressing emerging threats to national cohesion and stability. 


​​​​​​USAID/OTI partners with Ukrainian government institutions, influential change-makers, and media outlets to champion reintegration efforts and promote unity and stability. USAID/OTI also fosters positive attitudes and promotes cross-contact line connections to lay the groundwork for reintegration. By focusing on Russian-language media content, USAID/OTI helps Ukrainian media develop engaging content to reach key audiences who are otherwise susceptible to malign narratives and disinformation. The program’s three objectives are to:

  • Advance efforts towards the reintegration of Donbas and Crimea;

  • Increase availability of Russian-language content to counter disinformation and malign narratives; and 

  • Address emerging challenges to stability and national cohesion.


  • USAID/OTI partnered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to support the launch of the Crimea Platform and provides technical and operational assistance for the Crimea Summit in August 2021, on the eve of Ukraine’s 30th anniversary of independence. In September 2020, the MFA announced the Crimea Platform as a multi-tiered approach to draw international attention and galvanize efforts around ending the occupation and human rights violations in Crimea. 

  • USAID/OTI increases people-to-people engagement across the line of contact. Working with grassroots participants from both the Non-Government Controlled Areas (NGCA) of Donbas and Government Controlled Areas (GCA), USAID/OTI supports dialogue sessions aimed at developing connections across the line of contact by discussing common issues and proposing solutions. These sessions help lay the groundwork for peacebuilding and provide a bottom-up flow of information to inform the Government of Ukraine’s policies and planning for eventual reintegration of the NGCAs.

  • USAID/OTI works with government, civil society, and broadcasters to create Russian-language content  to challenge the Pro-Kremlin and anti-democratic narratives that portray Ukraine in a historically inaccurate light and as a failed state. The TV and digital content offers a Ukrainian perspective that illustrates Ukraine’s achievements as a diverse, modern country.