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Supporting the consolidation of Sudan’s democratic transformation.


In August 2019, following months of a nationwide nonviolent movement, the establishment of a civilian-led transitional government represented a historic democratic transformation and an opportunity to further U.S. interests in Sudan and the region. However, the military takeover of Sudan’s government on October 25, 2021 interrupted the democratic transition, spurred an economic crisis, and led pro-democracy activists to take to the streets en masse. OTI’s ability to adapt its programming to shifts in the political landscape remains critical during the transition period. 


Recognizing the fluidity of the political situation, OTI prioritizes flexibility to remain responsive to changes in Sudan. despite the shifting landscape, OTI remains committed to creating space for a successful civilian-led democratic transition in Sudan by: 

  • Supporting democratic action and collaboration; 

  • Promoting access to accurate and reliable information;

  • Building political consensus through inclusive engagement and dialogue; and

  • Maintaining efforts to protect human rights and advocacy.


  • OTI helped to build political consensus and encourage civil society engagement by launching a series of focus groups with youth and other grassroots organizations. These focus groups included youth from across Sudan’s 18 states, and initiated discussions around key issues regarding Sudan’s democratic transition and current political crisis. Youth will receive training on critical soft skills and negotiation techniques as a follow-on to the dialogues. 

  • OTI works with independent media by providing equipment and institutional support to help outlets provide accurate, reliable, and non-biased news during this critical time in Sudan’s transition.

  • In Port Sudan, OTI activities promote social cohesion among youth, and build the capacity of civil society to foster more constructive, peaceful engagement in the political transition. 

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Last updated: July 19, 2022

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