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Helping the Moldovan government and democratic actors withstand the destabilizing effects of war in Ukraine.


Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Government of Moldova (GoM), led by a pro-democratic and anti-corruption administration, has struggled to deal with the fallout of the war and continued spillover impacts from Russian aggression. Time and attention spent managing the rapid influx of Ukrainian refugees detracts from the resources needed to address the government’s reform agenda. Moldova’s stability is further threatened by widespread disinformation from Russian state media. In line with U.S. foreign policy, OTI supports a democratic Moldova and, through the Moldova Resilience Initiative (MRI), works with the GoM and democratic actors to withstand the destabilizing impacts of the war.


OTI helps ensure that Moldova’s reform efforts withstand the destabilizing effects of Russia’s war in Ukraine and the associated crisis by:

  • Building confidence in the GoM’s European integration efforts and crisis management capabilities.

  • Increasing consumption of independent, accurate media.

  • Uniting Moldovans around shared civic and cultural values.


OTI uses fast and flexible support to help the Moldovan government, independent media, and civil society partners to proactively mitigate the regional effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Illustrative activity examples include:

  • Providing analysis on perceptions, attitudes, and opinions that can help the Moldovan government better understand viewpoints from regional and ethnic perspectives;

  • Supporting independent media outlets with urgent operational funding to ensure Moldovan citizens continue to receive accurate news and reporting—providing a critical alternative to Russian disinformation; and

  • Engaging civil society actors in social-cohesion campaigns and events to promote geographic and ethnic unity.