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In recent years, Sri Lanka has experienced steady economic growth, achieving a gross domestic product growth rate of 6.5 percent in 2015. The 2015 elections resulted in a sweeping reform agenda that is ushering in a new chapter in Sri Lanka’s history.

Despite steps forward, significant disparities in income and access to basic services persist across the country. Post-conflict issues permeate society and hinder development. In this context, USAID promotes economic growth, advances reconciliation in conflict-affected communities and supports good governance and the implementation of democratic reforms.


In support of economic growth and financial stability, USAID forges partnerships with small- and medium-sized businesses to create jobs, increase incomes, promote investment and develop skills through training. Our efforts help foster entrepreneurship, support employability among youth, strengthen public procurement processes and improve the business-enabling environment.


In Sri Lanka, USAID is one of the few development partners working directly with communities on natural disaster and risk management. We build on our decades-long support to communities affected by natural disasters by providing clean water and sanitation facilities as well as psychosocial and early recovery support to the most vulnerable populations. We have provided job skills to vulnerable Sri Lankans affected by conflict and natural disasters. USAID also provides vital services to disadvantaged groups including war widows, female-headed households, disabled persons and resettling families.


USAID assistance strengthens good governance, builds a robust civil society and promotes reconciliation—all of which are prerequisites for long-term stability and prosperity. We support key democratic institutions, including the Parliament, the Election Commission, the judiciary and the media. USAID also helps build citizen engagement in social and political reforms and helps address drivers of conflict by assisting community-level reconciliation, peace building and promoting an inclusive Sri Lankan identity.


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Last updated: July 17, 2018

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