To strengthen democratic governance, USAID partners with the people of Sri Lanka to improve the responsiveness of government institutions and increases informed public participation in governance processes. Responding to good governance and vulnerable population needs, USAID activities build a robust civil society; increase access to balanced, accurate information through the media; promote dialogue, conflict mitigation, and social cohesion among multi-ethnic communities; and build local capacity for disaster response and risk reduction.


SOCIAL COHESION AND RECONCILIATION (SCORE): Through the SCORE activity, USAID strengthens Sri Lankan-led efforts to advance social cohesion and reconciliation. Through a mix of quick impact and longer-term sustainable interventions, SCORE promotes a cohesive Sri Lankan identity; reduces socio-economic disparities and exclusion; and enhances community resilience. 
Implementing Partner: Global Communities; Total Estimated Cost: $19 million; Performance Period: July 2018 – December 2023

SCORE COLLABORATIVE ANALYSIS OF RECONCILIATION DYNAMICS TOOL (SCORE CARD): SCORE CARD serves as an external learning tool to inform and complement USAID's SCORE activity and provide localized data on community level understanding and dynamics of reconciliation in Sri Lanka.
Implementing Partner: United States Institute for Peace;  Total Estimated Cost: $700,000; Performance Period: August 2018 – February 2024

EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT JUSTICE (EEJ): Through the EEJ activity, USAID partners with Sri Lankan justice sector institutions, including the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General, to increase the effectiveness of justice sector institutions and modernize their delivery of services to promote the rule of law. To improve transparency, citizen engagement and strengthen governance, USAID builds the skills and diversity of the Sri Lankan legal professionals. Implementing Partner: Chemonics International Inc.; Total Estimated Cost: $15 million; Performance Period: September 2021 – September 2026

INCLUSIVE POLITICAL PROCESSES (IPP): The IPP activity works with parliament and other government institutions to strengthen their capacity to respond to the democratic aspirations of the Sri Lankan people. It supports civil society institutions to increase the inclusion of youth, women, and other underrepresented groups in leadership roles. The activity also supports the Election Commission conducts elections that are in line with democratic principles. 
Implementing Partner: National Democratic Institute, International Republican Institute, International Foundation for Electoral Systems; Total Estimated Cost: $17 million; Performance Period: July 2020 – June 2024        

INCREASED DEMAND AND ENGAGEMENT FOR ACCOUNTABILITY (IDEA): USAID’s IDEA activity encourages a vibrant Sri Lankan civil society, which empowers citizens to engage the government in the democratic process and improves government accountability. IDEA works with civil society organizations to strengthen their organizational capacity, improve the enabling environment, and support their ability to advocate for good governance reforms. 
Implementing Partner: Management Systems International; Total Estimated Cost: $14 million; Performance Period: February 2018 – August 2024

MEDIA EMPOWERMENT FOR A DEMOCRATIC SRI LANKA (MEND): Through the MEND activity, USAID strengthens the media sector in Sri Lanka to improve citizens’ access to balanced, reliable, and objective news. It works to improve media governance; strengthen media’s capacity to conduct ethical reporting on key policy issues and serve as a forum for national dialogue around good governance and reconciliation. 
Implementing Partner: International Research and Exchanges Board, Inc.; Total Estimated Cost: $7.9 million; Performance Period: August 2017 – April 2023 

EMPOWERING CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS TO COMBAT HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN SRI LANKA (ECCT): USAID seeks to combat human trafficking and promote safe labor migration by building the capacity of civil society organizations in Sri Lanka. The activity will bridge policy gaps and legal frameworks and increase the capacity of government and civil society partners and facilitate the creation of networks and spaces for effective collaboration among government, civil society, and the public to address trafficking. 
Implementing Partner: SAFE Foundation; Total Estimated Cost: $3.9 million; Performance Period: October 2021 - September 2026

CIVIL SOCIETY IMPACT (CSI) / WIN AGAINST VIOLENCE (WAV): Through the CSI/WAV, USAID fosters collaboration and networking among government and non-government institutions to advance gender equality and address the needs and rights of people experiencing sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). The activity will help to promote citizen and government engagement; support civil society capacity building and networking for collective action; and address critical gaps in clinical, legal and psychosocial services for SGBV victims.
Implementing Partner: Women in Need; Total Estimated Cost: $1.6 million; Performance Period: October 2021 - September 2026

CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS (CSOs) AND COMMUNITY COLLECTIVES FOR DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE (CCCDG):  USAID’s CCCDG activity aims to strengthen civil society organizations (CSOs) in the marginalized plantation sector to address legal, policy, developmental and governance issues that affect people in the plantations and neighboring villages through collective actions and advocacy. Interventions have been designed to make impact at all levels through strong CSO networking and collective action for reforms on common issues including laws and policies.
Implementing Partner: Institute of Social Development; Total Estimated Cost: $3.6 million; Performance Period: June 2022 - June 2027

BOLSTERING CIVIL SOCIETY (BCS): Through the BCS activity, USAID supports Sri Lanka to maintain a vibrant civil society that empowers citizens to advance democratic values. Interventions link CSOs across communities, districts, and regions to have a voice in local governance and national reform processes and strengthen their relevance and continued participation in the country’s democratic governance.
Implementing Partner: Private Agencies Collaborating Together (PACT); Total Estimated Cost: $19 million; September 2022 - August 2027