South Africa’s agricultural expertise makes the country a key partner for reducing hunger, poverty, and malnutrition in the region. Through the Feed the Future initiative, we increase agricultural trade by leveraging the technical expertise of the country’s public and private sectors.


We support South African leadership in promoting lasting development solutions in other developing countries in the region. As South Africa emerges as a donor in its own right, decades of experience and lessons learned from USAID shape South Africa’s new legacy as a leading African nation advancing stability on the continent. On the domestic front, we work with the South African Government and citizens to strengthen their interaction in targeted communities and sectors including institutional capacity development, civic engagement, transparency and accountability, and social cohesion. Our programs also help survivors of sexual assault by increasing access to justice and integrated support services (medical, legal, and psychosocial counseling).


Working in partnership with the Government of South Africa, USAID is increasing access to finance for small- and medium-sized enterprises, improving market linkages for historically disadvantaged businesses, and promoting evidence-based policymaking to maximize the effectiveness of public resources.


Our work is aligned with the USAID Education Strategy, which supports interventions that improve learning outcomes, especially primary-grade reading. Selected models receive funding to expand, refine, and rigorously test before rolling out to the district, provincial, or national level. 


We partner with civil society and higher education institutions, including the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa and the University of Cape Town, to help adapt to climate shocks through education and training programs and the introduction of innovative technologies.


Our in-country health program is one of the Agency's largest programs. Our work emphasizes leadership, governance, sustainability, and training of the South African health system. We also support the South African National TB Program by building the diagnostic and treatment capacity needed to help curb the public health threat created by the HIV and AIDS-related tuberculosis epidemic and a growing incidence of drug-resistant tuberculosis.