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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

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USAID works with South African Government and partners to build an effective and accessible justice system, improve basic infrastructure and service delivery, and protect women’s rights.
USAID/R. Zurba

The South African judicial system is struggling to meet the country’s need for increased access to justice due to problems in court administration and a lack of frequent and robust professional development training for justice sector personnel. Many South Africans do not believe that the judicial system will protect their civil liberties under the country’s liberal constitution. Additionally South Africa suffers from high rates of gender-based violence which end up as a significant portion of cases brought before the non-specialized courts. In response, USAID programs help increase access to justice and integrated support services (medical, legal, and psychosocial counseling) for survivors of sexual assault through expansion of the Government of South Africa’s (GoSA) Thuthuzela Care Center (TCC) network while also focusing on raising awareness amongst South Africa’s citizenry about TCC services and prevention of gender based violence more broadly. 

Under the Trilateral Assistance Program USAID is supporting GoSA efforts to assist African countries in addressing economic and social development needs.  These small-scale initiatives are helping to consolidate peace in the targeted countries and solidify the GoSA’s role as a leader on the continent.  They also provide a means for the GoSA to enhance its capacity to deliver foreign assistance and improve inter- and intra-ministerial GoSA cooperation.  The program provides a platform for the GoSA to enhance its capacity to promote and strengthen democratic norms, rule of law, good governance and human rights on the continent.

Last updated: November 12, 2015

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